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NDD the future of digging. Safeguard everything underground.

Traditional excavation methods often resemble blunt force in a delicate world. Enter Hydro Excavation, a game-changer in construction, engineering, and utilities. This specialized technique utilizes high-pressure water to gently expose buried infrastructure, safeguarding projects from costly and potentially dangerous surprises.

Hydro Excavation operates with the precision of a surgeon, meticulously revealing pipes, cables, and conduits without disturbing the surrounding soil. Imagine a surgical scalpel of water, unfurling the secrets of the underground with unparalleled accuracy. This meticulous approach eliminates accidental damage, cave-ins, and costly rework, ensuring project timelines and budgets stay intact.

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Why choose us? Because every client is important to us and we treat all projects with the identical service and professionalism.


A vast knowledge of all things underground means that not only will you be receiving expert advice and recommendation, you will be receiving a level of service that no one else offers.


With over 12 years in the subsurface utility industry AUE offer a professional and comprehensive service that ensures you are satisfied with your deliverable.


Safety is paramount at Access Utility Engineering, our job is to ensure that all services are identified and all avenues are exhausted to ensure no one gets hurt.

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