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Underground Locating Services Melbourne

Avoid time-consuming repairs.

Before you commission an excavation or demolition project, be sure to BYDA and call Access Utility Engineering.

With our many underground location services in Melbourne, we can identify utilities and cables to help avoid time-consuming and expensive repairs. 

Failure to detect communication and electrical cables as well as utilities such as electrical, gas, water and telephone services, can prove a huge problem. Repairing the damages can be very expensive, not to mention the legal consequences.

Underground detection and utility protection

Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art radio frequency equipment to identify the location and depth of these underground assets. Our technicians are fully accredited, trained and have years of experience in underground location services.

Our extensive experience in the industry and knowledge of all aspects of underground utility location allows us to provide a reliable, professional and efficient service.

We will execute your DBYD plans accurately, safely and proficiently saving you a lot of time, money and hassle by assessing any potential risks to underground cables and utilities before you begin excavation.

We offer the most reliable and accurate underground utility location services in Melbourne and assure you of complete peace of mind. For sewer and stormwater drains, we use CCTV push cameras to detect their presence along with accurate alignment and depth of the drain.

We are here to solve
your locating obstacles!

Why choose us? Because every client is important to us and we treat all projects with the identical service and professionalism.


A vast knowledge of all things underground means that not only will you be receiving expert advice and recommendation, you will be receiving a level of service that no one else offers.


With over 12 years in the subsurface utility industry AUE offer a professional and comprehensive service that ensures you are satisfied with your deliverable.


AUE operates in a safe, professional, disciplined and reliable manner. AUE acts on its responsibilities to identify and remove potential and recognized risks to health and safety in the workplace. AUE values its employees, contractors, customers, clients and the environment in which AUE operates. AUE are committed to complying with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) laws and the voluntary standards to which our organisation subscribes. AUE is commitment to safety, commitment to quality products and services, and to the minimisation of adverse environmental impacts.